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Global Pet Foods in Quebec Flagpost | PITOU MINOU & COMPAGNONS

38 Global Pet Foods Locations in Quebec

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To date, Pitou Minou & Compagnons has 38 well-established outlets across Quebec. The staff at each of these stores is trained to the standards and values of Canada’s largest pet food retailer, Global Pet Foods. No matter which store you visit, our qualified staff of nutrition specialists will be able to advise you on the best food products for your pets. In our stores, you’ll find a wide variety of foods sure to please your cat or dog. Come and meet us in one of our 38 locations.

You’ll find top-quality products that are often unavailable in grocery stores. Since we carry a wide selection of health food products for your pet, it’s possible that one boutique won’t carry the same pet food as another. If this is the case, the Pitou Minou et Compagnons staff can order the product you want or suggest an equivalent product.

Alexis & Bigoudine | Candiac Location

Alexis & Bigoudine | Candiac Location

Opening Soon!

1093 boul. Jean-Baptiste-Rolland Ouest, Saint-Jérôme QC J7Y 4Y7
18125 chemin Notre-Dame, Mirabel, QC J7J2V3
1054 boul. Albany-Paquette, Mont-Laurier, QC J9L 1M1
155 rue Notre-Dame (Local 6), Repentigny, QC J6A 5L3
468 montée de la source, Cantley, J8V 3B5

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Knowledgeable Staff: Friendly, well-trained staff who are passionate about animals and knowledgeable about their care make a huge difference. They should be able to provide guidance on pet care, behavior, and products.

Variety of Quality Products: A diverse selection of high-quality pet supplies, from food to toys, grooming tools, and habitat accessories, catering to various pets and their specific needs.

Hygiene and Cleanliness: A clean, well-maintained store creates a welcoming environment and ensures the health of both animals and customers.

Adoption and Rescue Initiatives: Partnering with shelters or hosting adoption events encourages responsible pet ownership and helps animals find loving homes.

Customer Education: Workshops, seminars, or informational sessions that educate customers about pet care, training, and health can be incredibly beneficial.

Community Engagement: Engaging with the local community through events, fundraisers, or support for animal-related causes fosters a sense of community and goodwill.

Ethical and Responsible Practices: Transparency about the sources of animals, ethical breeding practices, and commitment to animal welfare advocacy is crucial.

Online Presence: A user-friendly website for convenience, information, and possibly even online consultations for pet-related queries.

Feedback and Improvement: Being open to feedback from customers and continuously striving to improve based on suggestions and changing needs.

A great pet store is not just a place to buy pet supplies; it’s a resource and support system for pet owners, a safe haven for animals, and a hub for fostering a caring and responsible pet community.